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Hilton Hotel Jobs


Hilton hotel Jobs

Today We are going to talk about Hilton Doha hotel Announced Jobs then we will talk a little bit about general informations about the Market of the jobs in Quatar then about the procedures that should everyone of us follow it in order to get jobs in Quatar . 

Hello guys  , I hope all of you doing well , First I would like to thank everyone here for visiting our website .  

Further Details 

We promise everyone of you that we are going to be honest and loyal  to  you because the honesty is very important for us just to gain your trust , So You Can just expect From us a  True Informarions About The Vaccant Jobs. 

Today we are going to talk about Hilton Doha vaccant Jobs , And then about how can everyone of us can apply there . 

I would like first to confirm for you that we are not an agency and then we don't ask any kind of fees from anyone , all of our job is we help the people about the Right way for applying to a Vaccant jobs here at Quatar. 

The Source of our Jobs are the Officials websites of the Company l , then the Newspaper Announced Vaccant Jobs . 

In the other hand , everyone of you should have a Good Resume that had a personal photo with white background and then should be attached all of the work experiences there , Also Please Update Your CV and Make sure that it is compatible with the Market Demands  Please review your CV many times , show it to an expert people and then if its need any kind of editing then please Edit because the CV is the most important factor that let the company to build an impression or image about you . 

In Addition to , You should Guys train very well about the interview Questions and be prepared proper . Actually there is so many websites that's give for the people the ways of going into a good interview that Is Going to satisfy both Sides , what I mean here to say , that  Its going to satisfy the business owner and the employee . So Guys please don't forget to train Very well .

Announced Vaccant Careers by Hilton Doha hotel : 

Hilton Doha Looking for potential Candidates for the following positions:

Commercial 5 Open Jobs

• Marketing Executive 

• Reservation Agent 

• Sales Coordinator 

• Sales Executive 

• Sales Manager

Spa & Recreation 2 Open Jobs

• Spa Therapist 

• Lifeguard 

Administration 1 Open Jobs

• Admin Assistant 

Housekeeping 1 Open Jobs

• Housekeeping Attendant 

F&B 6 Open Jobs

• Bar Captain Captain 

• Bar Supervisor 

• F&B Supervisor 

• Guest Relation Manager 

• Hostess 

• Waiter/ Waitress

Front Office 4 Open Jobs

• Guest Relation Assistant Manager 

• Front Office Supervisor 

• Front Office Agent 

• Driver 

Kitchen 7 Open Jobs

• Chef De Partie 

• Chef De Partie (With Chinese Work Experience) 

• Commis 1 (Sushi) 

• Commis 2 

• Demi Chef De Partie 

• Sous Chef 

• Sushi Chef 

Engineering 2 Open Jobs

• Engineering Supervisor 

• General Technician 

Security 1 Open Jobs

• Security Officer 

Society Lounge Doha Recruitment Open Day

• Bar Staff 

• Guest Relations 

• Hostess 

• Management 

• Master Mixologists 

• Security Officer 

• Waiters 

How to Apply for hilton doha hotel : 

You can apply to Doha hotel Hilton by sending your cv to this email : doha.careers@hilto.com



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